The 2005 Allstars Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway, 28th & 29th August 2005


We were blessed with excellent weather over the weekend and we were treated to a wide choice of varied racing and the whole weekend was thoroughly awesome.

On Sunday, there was the Top Fuel match race between Thomas Nataas and Darryl Bradford. Darryl was still having difficulties with his clutch and reverser and Thomas made a hard charge to around 300 feet before lifting as instructed by Crew Chief Rune Fjeld. We were treated to another Fuel appearance later when a Norwegian extreme sports presenter tried his hand in Thomas's rail and nearly blew all our heads off! On Monday (with a new motor installed) Thomas braved tyre shake and ran over 280mph having had the brake lever on for most of the run!

Danny Cockerill and Gordon Appleton wowed us all weekend with new track ET and speed records for Pro-Mod. Both had good performance and doses of shake all weekend - Danny made the performance marks but fell in the final round to a red light.

In Street Eliminator, Ian 'Fatty' Hook continued his resurgence with his new combination and dipped into the 8 second zone several times with a new personal best of 8.36 seconds in the semi-final. Unfortunately, Andy Frost was also doing well with his new combination and shut out Fatty with an 8.23 second run. The ever speedy Colin Lazenby was the man to beat in terms of speed and general performance, but succumbed to a nitrous burp in the final and a victorious Andy Frost.

Paul Wright had an exciting weekend in his Outlaw Anglia and again proved to be car to beat, but Paul Hensher in the Hooligan panel van gave him a fright by joining him in the 7 second zone - once the exclusive territory of Mr. Wright!

All in all an excellent weekend. We have taken a number of shots which I have split into two galleries - one for Sunday and one for Monday. We hope you enjoy the galleries!


Sunday Pictures      Monday Pictures