The 2008 National Finals Meeting from Santa Pod Raceway



At last! Good Weather! We were blessed with warming and soothing rays from the heavens above and it was just the shot in the arm that European Drag Racing needed for the weekend. The National Finals meeting is normally the sacrosanct zone of the Sportsman racer, but Mr. Keith Bartlett, CEO of Santa Pod and head of the European Drag Racing FIA contingent, made the brave decision to run the Nitro categories in addition to the Sportsman racing to benefit those spectators who have been disappointed to see the professional categories decimated this year by continual rain. Such a brave decision deserves a full salute from all in European Drag Racing, as the poor weather this year and last, has impacted the sport more than one could bare. If there are any heavenly forces up above, they showed themselves this weekend and to see such a cracking meeting in good weather, at last was a pleasure for one and all. The pinnacle for those Nitro fiends (such as moi!) was the night-time Nitro session on Saturday Night, as the pictures attest. Enjoy your visit to the Saturday and Sunday Galleries and we look forward to seeing you again soon.



Saturday Gallery



Sunday Gallery