A Sneak look at Chris Orthodoxu's beautiful Dodge Viper

Report and pictures by Richard Stirling 2006



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Chris Orthodoxu has been racing at Santa Pod for many moons with various vehicles over the years. Both his 440 Plymouth Barracuda and his Dodge Dart have seen much action on the Santa Pod strip.


Chris has been away from the track for a good while. His work has taken him to far flung lands over the past few years and as a result he was able to build up the coffers to return to racing with a dream new car: A hemi Dodge Viper. The car has taken the thick end of a couple of years to complete, not to mention the mountain of money that the project has consumed as time has progressed. The fully Pro-Mod legal chassis was built by Jon Hogarth at Specialist In Design Race cars, who also applied the paint to the Tennessee-sourced Viper body.


Ray Barton Race Engines supplied the 604 cubic inch all aluminium Hemi engine and the transmission is by ATI and is an Ultimate two speed Powerglide with 9 inch convertor. Legendary race car builder Tim McAmis supplied his trick fully floating axle which is packed with Strange internals.


The car was photographed at the top end of the Santa Pod pit, directly after the European Doorslammers meeting had finished. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, especially as Chris and his friends were all cracking highly amusing jokes as we were trying to concentrate on picture taking. Many thanks to esteemed photographer Mark Gredzinski for inviting me to join him on the shoot and to Chris and his team for the time and courtesy which was generously extended to us.


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