Jon Webster to drive for McDonald Racing!

Report by Richard Stirling



Jon Webster looks as if he's more than ready to slide behind the butterflies of McDonald racing's Top Fuel Land-locked missile


More exciting news from McDonald racing today, is that they have announced that for 2007, they will be partnering up with Jon Webster who will now be slated to drive their Peter Lantz-built Top Fuel dragster. After a couple of seasons with ex-patriot Smax Smith commuting from Canada, Smax is really expanding his racing within the IHRA and the commute to Europe is getting less practical. Jon is a fully-licensed FIA Top Fuel pilot whom we last saw racing for Peter Knight and the Canto team dragster which is now owned by Swede Jöran Persåker. Jon, I am sure, will deliver the goods and will be pleased to get his hands on a 'Fueller again.


Steve from McDonald racing takes up the story....

"McDonald Racing have been working extremely hard during the off season to build on existing partnerships and establish new partnerships to take us into the 2007 race year and beyond. "We feel that significant steps were taken in 2006 to develop the car and the team. A suitable budget would allow us to build upon this and really start to push the car harder". This all takes time to put in place, so we will unfortunately be unable to bring Smax over from Canada this year, which we know will be a disappointment to his many fans. We would like to thank Smax for his efforts during 2005/2006, and wish him well with his efforts over there, trying to secure an IHRA drive.

On a more positive note, McDonald Racing is pleased to announce that an association has been formed with Webster Race Engineering, and a new partnership which will see some areas of the McDonald Racing Top Fuel car re-engineered for the challenges ahead. In addition, and most importantly, we are delighted to announce that John Webster has agreed to join the team as driver."

We certainly wish Jon and McDonald racing all the best in their new association.