Video and Sound Libraries

Pictures and some sounds copyrighted by Richard I Stirling, video and other sources credited as indicated


To view these video clips properly, you will need either Realplayer's RealOne player, a recent version of Windows Media Player or Apple's Quicktime player.

These are a collection of my favourite video clips gleaned from all over the web. In some cases, I am unsure (or can't remember!) who the original copyright belongs to, and in those cases, I have marked the clip link with 'Anon' and a 'tip of the cap' to these invaluable contributors. If you see a clip either uncredited or incorrectly credited, please accept my humble apologies and email me here and I will correct the situation as soon as I can. The main contributors to this section are with their 'weekly movies', Bob & Anni Valder and their site and extra-especially, the folks at UK Drag racing nostalgia web site, Thanks also to Tog, Sharkman and eurodragster for their clips and to anyone else whose clip has caught my attention. Not all of the videos are directly hosted here; where re-posting is not allowed I have placed a link there instead. Enjoy the show!

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Some Soundbytes:

First and foremost - TURN UP THE VOLUME. The sport of drag racing is 'sensory' and to get the best out of these clips, make sure no-one will be upset by the noise and TURN EVERYTHING UP AGAIN. If you only have ordinary little speakers on your pc these can be hurt by excessive volume - you have been warned!

Thanks to Diamond P Sports, NHRA Properties for extracts from 'Surrounded By Horsepower'. Thanks to Nitronic research for extracts from 'Sounds of the Drags 2001. Thanks to Prolong Super Lubricants & NHRA for extracts from 'Inside the Ride'. Thanks to Richard Stirling for other material. For other sound bytes of current meetings please look at the 'articles' section as often one or two per meeting are available to listen to on each of our reports.

Top Fuel '1' - around 2.2Mb

Top Fuel '2' - around 2.7Mb

Big Daddy Don Garlits Versus Shirley Muldowney - around 2.1mb

Spliced Top Fuel - LOUD! around 2.8Mb

Johnny Rocca & The Iron Horse - (blown pro-mod) around 1.3mb VERY LOUD!

Pro Stock Car - around 1.7Mb

Pro Stock Bike - around 1.3Mb

Jet Car - around 177Kb