Picture 2008 Sue Ubejko





Topnitro's photo editor Richard Stirling is pictured here on a break from racing on the Ponte Vecchio in the historic City of Florence, Italy. For those of you who know Richard, you will notice that he is now wearing glasses. For many years,  Richard has been unable to see the scoreboards at the end of the track without looking through a telephoto lens. At last, he  has now surrendered to wearing glasses all the time, which has made life infinitely easier. He says that even though he used glasses for years, for computers and driving, he just hates being seen wearing them! Vanity, thy name is Man! Or maybe it's something similar... Anyway, if FIA Drag racing ever does get underway in Italy, as it is suggested, this City will make a perfect stop over for all race-fans and especially those with an interest in a little history.


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