picture editor, Richard Stirling, captured 'at speed' at the 2005 Xtreme Wheels show, picture by and Copyright (c) Rick Cuthbert.


Welcome to This site  is, first and foremost, dedicated to drag racing fans around the world. This site is not a results site - many other superb sites such as and are the places to go for their excellent services. Here at, we cruise the pits extensively, trawling for items of interest we try to capture as much of the really interesting stuff that's going on as possible. We then wrap it up in some anecdotal words and there you go - our view of what is going on. We take pictures and quite often we record sound bytes of warm-ups and runs on the track. We occasionally record on video - usually nitro warm-ups in the pits and occasionally on track action as well. We also host a bundle of other videos of various historical and current action from around the world. Check our extensive video and sound library!

We love our Nitromethane (possible clue there from the website name!) and we make no apology for favouring coverage of the Nitro categories of cars and bikes. We also love Top Methanol Dragster and Top Methanol Funny Car. We really really love Pro-Mod and we like Pro Stock, World Street eliminators and many of the other Sportsman categories, too. The motto is, if the car has a nice paint job and looks great (and that is true right down to Junior Dragsters) we'll probably point our camera at it and a picture will almost certainly be published as a result - racers take note!

When we first publish a report or article, or even just a plain picture gallery, we plug the item on the home page at and it can also be referenced from the Articles and Reports link on the top left hand side of the main page. There, the entry in the reports listing will remain there for the current year and then be moved down into the archive section for prosperity.

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Each year we post a schedule of all the major races in the European drag racing calendar plus any relevent international races that we may be attending. Generally speaking, if it is on the schedule, then we will be expecting to attend the event. This is not always possible, but it is our intention. Have a look at the schedule - there may be an event there that you may want to go to, yourself. If you are considering a visit to one of the races and would like some advice on how to get there and costs, etc., then send us an email and we'll try and help.

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