Linda Thun Tonseth launches hard away from the line, showing us impressive header flames.


Our favourite links:

           Staffed by Tog, Simon Groves and Roger Gorringe; it is the home of European drag racing news and is a fabulous site full of super photography,  reporting & juicy gossip

                    If the NHRA are the pinnacle of world drag racing, then NHRA.COM should be considered 'Mecca'

                Dragracecentral is hosted by Bob Frey and is riveting for those who want to know the inside gossip from the US drag racing scene

        Rob Geiger's Radioactive racing news site - a superbly informative site with hot news from around the world - some of it, the NHRA would rather not us knowing about it! Excellent site.

                   A supremely informative on-line magazine. A must-see site

                    One of my truly favourite drag racing sites on the internet. Great articles, great pictures, great gossip, and good European coverage from Ivan Sansom & Rose Hughes. Just a great site!

              Bill Pratt's draglist web site includes not only all the de-facto drag racing records, speeds and marks going back to year dot, but oodles of extremely interesting articles. Great site!

            Personal web site of eurodragster principal 'Tog' - Andy Rogers. Terrific pictures & touching Roll of Honour. This now seems to redirect straight to, for some reason.

            Personal web site of ex-Eurodragster photographer Sharkman. After being unwell with M.E. for 3 years, only allowing a sporadic return to track, he has finally stepped away from track side

                                                                     photography to spend more time crewing with Stephen and Pat Talbot's race team as he completes his recovery from this awful ME. Our best wishes to Sharkman - AKA Tom Ward.

        The newly opened and very smart new website for 1998 FIA Top Fuel Champion Barry Sheavills. Here is hoping that he will be back on the FIA Top Fuel tour, soon.

                The racing  web site for Panic Racing supporting Fuel legend Gary Page and his Nitro Funny Car.

The new Bill Felstead/Jon Best NFAA Fuel Altered team. The car is based on Wendy Baker's Time Warp Altered with Nitro Big Block Chevy power. Jon blew everyone away with a licensing run of

                                                                    6.71 seconds and 209mph at SCR, shutting up the doubters good and proper. He ran a 7.00/200 mph pass on a smokey run at the Euro Finals at Santa Pod, underpinning the performance of the car

                                                                    with very little budget. Jon, Bill, Johnny and  the whole team should be delighted at their results and we look forward to their next track visit. Do you realise the Chevy block is Iron, it has a standard

                                                                    STREET crankshaft and that the cylinder heads are nearly as old as Jon? Unbelievable!                  Jon Best's super web site. He's a young 'un that deserves every success. He's built his own Nostalgia Top Fuel car out of his own pocket and made it on track in '08.  The best of luck, Jon!

    The newly opened web site of veteran photo-journalist and ultra wise-wag, Roger Gorringe. He is one of the most globally recognised and respected photographers in the sport of drag racing and it is       

                                                                       always a pleasure to be in his company, at the races.

         Patrik Jacobsson's excellent site. Terrific pictures and he's a top man as well!              Julian is a superb photographer and is a VW specialist. His interesting and innovative shooting is always exciting to look at and he has assisted me with shots on a number of occasions. Top Man!

Photoparazzi by Sue Whyte    Sue Whyte's excellent site is full of vibrant racing pictures capturing the very best of racing and modelling action around the world.  Sue has kindly supplied me with a number of pictures. Top Lady!

   Bob & Anni Valder's drag racing pictorial platform, full to the brim with superb photographs and movies. Sadly, the website off-line at present and is greatly missed.

  Gwynn Clark's excellent web site shows the very best of photography and has great coverage of drag racing. Very imaginative picture taking. EXCELLENT, in fact.

                     Nigel Holland's photography website has some excellent work from Santa Pod where Nigel frequently risks getting a speeding ticket in the fire-up road as he whizzes from vantage point to vantage point!

    The home of the Sportsman ET racing family. Nifty web site and information-base set up by Nigel Holland.

    The home site for Sportsman ET 342 Championship drag racing driven by photo-colleague and sportsman racer Nigel Holland. He's a top man!

     A brand new magazine that now graces the newsstands. They have been kind enough to use my material so it proves the impeccable taste of the editorial staff!!

     The quickest and fastest tarmac-only drag strip in the world. The prime UK drag strip and home of 2 FIA European drag races.

            Shakespeare County Raceway is a superb drag racing facility based near Stratford upon Avon. Frequent, well attended meetings and free seating for everyone.

      The track is based near Melbourne just south west of York. Well worth a visit for top sportsman and RWYB racing.

                Sweden's equivalent of eurodragster. An excellent site staffed by Tog, Simon & Roger during the Nitro Festival at Mantorp. Much Scandinavian gossip!

            Home of the Nitrolympix at Hockenheim's fantastic Motodrome. A  wonderfully organised drag festival with incredible Saturday night shows and Sunday Racing.

   Chris Dossett's wonderful nostalgia site. I reckon man-years of work has gone dragging up the material for here. Back on line again after too long away. Well done Chris!

                    Alan Curran's fantastic site of picture galleries revealing all the drag racing icons of yesteryear and today. Marvellous site     Peter Donaldson's picture web site. Beside oodles of racing pics, there's  all sorts including location shots, nature, his chum's site and a very interesting and most touching ode to his late cat.        What a pleasure it was to meet  young Richard at my return to York Raceway after 20 years! I had seen his pictures extensively linked to York and jolly good they are too, but I never realised

                                                                      he isn't a dedicated photographer - no - he takes his pictures in between his Marshalling duties! Top Man!

        Drag Racing from days gone by. Superb Nostalgia site. Superb video library, recently updated with some fantastic new videos. The excellent forum here, is a must see for every dragrace fan.                           Gareth Evans' UK1320. Gareth pretty much had his pictures posted before I've even left the race track. He's a cracking chap and this is a very nice site. I'm sad to say the site is now closed

                                                                       and is very much missed. Gareth is a smashing chap.           Dave Grabham's excellent site & home of the Freddy's Revenge altered. Amazing pictures from recent and vintage events. Great photographer & great driver!

       Gary 'Gus' Bower's photo pages from Santa Pod - - I was astonished to see several pictures of me on here!!

       2001, 2004,  2008 & 2009  FIA European Top Fuel Champion Andy Carter's web site. The first Top Fuel champion to win the title for an unprecedented fourth time. Backed by Lucas Oils.

                        The home site for Barry Sheavills. Britain's first Top Fuel racer to make a sub-5 second pass and the first to go over 300mph

                             The home site of Preston's cheeriest Top Fuel Driver, now residing in Canada. 2003 FIA Top Fuel Champion Smax Smith.

    The newly created site for McDonald Racing owned by Stuart and Richard McDonald, who run their Top Fuel dragster on the FIA tour for new driver Jon Webster. Terrific lads & a great team.

                                                                        It was fantastic to see Jon Webster piloting the McDonald Racing Top Fuel dragster to victory at the 09 European Finals meeting. Well done boys! It's been a long time coming.

                       Micke Kågered home site. Swedish Top fuel racer & ex-Alcohol funny car racer. Was delighted to see complimentary comments about this site on Micke's main page. Cheers, Micke!

                  The home web-site for ATJ Racing and ATJ Transmissions - the racing and engineering business of Top Fuel whizzo Crew Chief Al Jackson. Need your gearbox or axle fixing? Call Al Jackson!

         The professionally built web site of Norway's Master Tuner Rune Fjeld and the RFM Top Fuel racers, Thomas Nataas, Janne Ahonen, Siw Nystad and returning TF driver Barry Sheavills

    2007 FIA European Top Fuel Champion Urs Erbacher, racing in Europe and on the NHRA Tour in the USA. Top Man!

      2005 FIA European Top Fuel Champion and missed out on the 2007 championship by 2 measly points. Take a look at Lex Joon's team web site and informative blog.

     Husband and wife Top Fuel racers Anita Makela and Tommi Haapanen. Tommi has been handling the driving chores for the past two seasons and really seams to have a handle on the tune-up.

                                                                        At last, wife Anita returns to the FIA tour with the brand new Eriksson dragster and tops off her season with a 4.86 at the European finals. Well done Anita, Tommi & the team!

    The home web site for crazy Swedish Top Fuel Racer Jöran Persåker. Jöran finally got his 4 second ticket at the 07 European finals after three years of trying. Great guy!

               Home page for AA/FC champions Showtime racing, driver John Spuffard and The British Funny Car Championship. Web site maintained by my esteemed Colleague Nigel Holland.

            Ian Turburville's site. Nitro Harley Racer, Photographer, Report writer and Apparel supplier. Whatever next? Scap metal dealer? TV Quizmaster?  Ha! He's a top man, too!

                       Top fuel bike racer and 2001, 2005, 2008 and 2009  FIA Top Fuel Bike Champion.  Ian King's superb web site has all the very juiciest of world drag bike gossip in there

NFAA Altered driver Joe Bond is a smashing lad and supremely competent at piloting the altered down into the low 7 second zone. With new motor parts on the horizon, a 6 second pass beckons for

                                                                         Joe and surely he deserves every success in his racing future. Good luck!

          The all new site for Nobby Hills racing and their Chevrolet Camaro Nitro Funny car.  After a brief visit to the track in 2008, we are looking forward to further returns.

                        The history of the Houndog and Nobby Hills teams with driver Owen Hayward. Excellent & very informative site.

                        Ton Pel's Nitro Supertwin Harley & their web site orchestrated by Crew Chief Vince and predominantly, Sister Monique. Lovely people. October 06: Sadly, Monique has now passed away and

                                                                        Ton has now retired from riding. Instead, the team returned in '07 with multi-time with ex-TF bike champion Roel Koedam riding the Super Twin. A force to be reckoned with !

      - the home for Outlaw Anglia racer and recent 9 second timing ticket holder Simon Barlow. Nice web site! Even some of my pics are on there!

          The newly opened web site for Super Pro ET racer Nick Good. Also, if you have a chipped windscreen, Nick's your man!


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